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Induction Cookers VS. Gas/Oil Stoves :

Commercial Induction Cookers :

    • 25 years of professional experience in R & D.
    • Using high-power electromagnetic heating
    • Designed for professional kitchen use (1) no fire, no smoke, no gas, no heat radiation, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, efficiency, etc(2) a clean, sanitary and comfortable environment for joyful cooking.
    • Greatest degree of health protection for chefs/cooks.
    • Substantial reduction in operating costs.

Traditional Gas Stoves :

    • Using gas as the main traditional cooking stove energy.
    •  Release of large amount of  harmful gases such as CO. CO2. NO. SO2.
    • Long-term  exposure to high temperature, high noise level, dust pollution      in working environment caused by  open flame cooking in the kitchen seriously endangering the health of the chefs/cooks.
    • Studies have shown that high-intensity & continuous operation at high temperatures in an environment of high noise and dust pollution will result in tinnitus, dizziness, lack of oxygen, lung cancer, bronchitis, cerebral thrombosis, hypertension and other severe and life-threatening diseases.